Charcuterie Anyone?!

On October 25th, I posted what seemingly is my first blog post on our Instagram &  Facebook pages. The topic; of course, charcuterie boards. It read like this .... 

 Y'all, what a lazy Sunday this has been. A little trip out to our farm this morning to tend to our sweet piggies + rabbits + chickens. An extra moment to take in the fresh air and peacefulness and then back home to rest up for the week ahead.     This afternoon I cheated making a large lunch or dinner and opted for an afternoon of grazing on this delicious + savory charcuterie board with my girls. What are some of your favorite ingredients for the perfect board? Personally, I love to change it up BUT fresh fruit & honey are always a must!                               Looking forward to the week ahead. Thanksgiving & Christmas will start popping up all over the shop. And I for one can't wait!

Now on to the serious business of this post, THE BOARD! I found this beauty at our local Boot Barn and fell in love with the colors and design. As for the goodies on the board, well those are from Publix mostly, all except the honey of course. For this board, I wanted a fair amount of protein, since I was getting out of cooking for the fam. I snagged some delicious cracked pepper smoked sausage & deli fresh pepperoni. The trimmings included green olives with pimento, sliced black olives, fresh blueberries, and walnuts. The cheeses we choose were Havarti slices & a nice goat chevre. I love some good goat cheese, so on this I would think if you wanted to add even more options you could. Maybe some with a nice herb mix to them. With my breads and crackers to round it out, I simply choses some bagel chips (Stacy's brand if you must know - they're my fave), rosemary crisps, and an ole run of the mill Townhouse Cracker. To finish things off, some fresh honeycomb from our selection of Wilsons Honey at the shop. 

All roads lead to the perfect grazing board for a relaxing Sunday afternoon, or even Monday or Thursday. Any day you want. Just add your favorites and enjoy.